Residential Christmas Light Installation

Long Island NY

September 22, 2019

Residential Christmas Light Installation


Long Island Christmas Light Installation service makes it easy to get in the holiday spirit. We’re happy to help supply and install light displays on every type of home, sparing you the hassle of doing it yourself. 

No matter the size or shape of your home, our teams have the equipment and experience needed to make the job quick, easy, and beautiful. We’ll work with you to ensure everything looks just the way you want it. It’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about this holiday season.

How it works

Step 1: Schedule your expert design consultation

We’ll come to your home to discuss lights, colors, and design. We’ll work with you to create the perfect light display—you can choose your own colors, light spacing, accessories, and more! 

Step 2: Christmas light installation day

On installation day, we will show up ready to hang your lights and make your house shine bright! You can schedule your appointment when it’s most convenient for you. In fact, you don’t even need to be home while we work! 

Step 3: Christmas light removal day

At the end of the season, we’ll return to take your lights down for you. This appointment is scheduled in advance and the cost is included in your original quote. We’ll carefully label each strand of lights accordingly for easy installation next year and package your lights in a container that you can easily store in your home.


Outdoor Christmas Light Installation

Our design experts work with you to create the perfect display for your home. Our outdoor Christmas light installation service includes roof lines, landscaping, fences, windows, and trim, which means you’re not limited when it comes to design. We can add lights to trees, gardens, structures, and just about any other surface. We have several different types of lights and accent features that will turn your whole yard into a winter wonderland! Be sure to ask our design experts about options for add-on features during your consultation. Call us at 1-888-808-7751 today or book your appointment online! 

High-Quality Christmas Lights

Shack Shine’s Christmas lights are no ordinary big box store lights! Our commercial-grade lights are 100% customized to your home. We measure and cut the lights to fit your unique roofline and landscaping. You can choose from various shapes and colors with products that range from traditional to contemporary.

Our professional-grade lights are energy efficient. In fact, they utilize less energy than your typical store-bought Christmas lights. When you purchase and install your lights with Shack Shine, rest assured that you are purchasing high-quality lights that shine brighter and last longer than your typical retail Christmas lights. It’s a smart investment that will keep your house looking lovely for many holiday seasons to come.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

If a light burns out during the season or a strand dislodges, we’ll return to fix the problem. No questions asked and no hassle. It’s just that easy. When we say you’ll never have to get up on a ladder, we really mean it!

Professional Christmas Light Installation

Want to make sure you have the shiniest house on the block this year? Book your appointment today! We recommend booking your appointment early since our schedule fills up quickly. We start installing lights as early as September, so book now to secure your spot. (Remember, when you get your lights up early, it means you get to enjoy them for longer!)