No scary ladders or frostbitten fingers.


The Christmas and Holiday Season is a great time of year. Christmas Decorations and Holiday Lighting can really bring joy and holiday spirit to any business, home or neighborhood. If you are like most people along with the joy of the holidays, unfortunately, comes the dread of the long walk up to the warehouse or attic to get all the boxes down, untangle all the lights, drag it all outside and, OH NO, getting up on that shaky ladder, doing one arm pull ups off the gutters while hoping for the best. Have you ever pulled all the lights out of that ripped up rotten attic box and spent hours untangling last years lights that did not get put back right last year because you were in a rush? Not to mention forgetting that half the lights stopped working last year, and remembering that minor detail right after you just put them up already. Sound familiar? Com-on, we have all been there! Hate those rooftop close calls, slippery walk ways? We want you to be safe, stay inside with your employees or family and enjoy your holidays. LET US DO IT, WE ARE SAFETY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS.WE HAVE THE LIFTS AND EQUIPTMENT.

2013-12-03_16-18-19_830 That is why for over 12 years Long Island Christmas Light Installation has been helping homeowners turn their home into a beautiful winter wonderland, with-out all the stress and worry. BIG JOBS OR SMALL JOBS, it doesn’t matter, we love doing them all. We have over 800 completed design projects under our belt, so you can be rest assured we have the experience and expertise to get the job done safely, with-out hassle on your part, and on time. It is so much easier for you to see us set it all up from the comfort of your home while drinking hot chocolate watching us out the window. AHH, GREAT, no more scary trips up the ladder holding onto the gutters while reaching, probably further than you should. LEAVE ALL YOUR OUTSIDE HOLIDAY DECORATING AND LIGHTING TO US.



Remember, we take it all down after the holidays too, when it is still blistering cold outside. It’s the takedown on that ice cold windy day when you can’t feel your fingers, that is when you will really appreciate our holiday installation service. IT’S THE TAKE DOWN, that makes it so easy for YOU. We take it all down and carefully wrap it in bubble wrap and put it away in self-contained sealed bins, with only your decorations and lights, properly labeled, in our climate controlled warehouse. Then, the next year, we take it out, test it, replace what doesn’t work with brand new, and bring it back to your BUSINESS all over again.



Our goal is also to be cost effective and we will exceed all your expectations. All of our products are of commercial grade and not found at any retail location. Every bulb and strand of lights is guaranteed to work through the entire holiday season while installed. In fact built into our installation comes a 24 hour GUARANTEED FREE SERVICE CALLS program which will guarantee a visit for any concerns that you may have with any of our installed products for the duration of the season while our holiday decorations are on your business.
You can’t beat that!