Fully Licensed & Insured  

Ask About our OSHA Certified Technicians !


One of the most important things you need to know before hiring any service company to work at your home is that they are ADEQUATELY licensed and insured. There are many types and amounts of insurance a company can have. Some companies get just the minimums to make their firm “legal” but nowhere near the right amount of coverage.

This is very dangerous for the contractor and the business owner for many reasons. It is also important that the company you hire is fully licensed, including with the town you live in. So we want to tell you we carry all the right AMOUNTS of insurance and with the following agencies, Dept of Labor, Automobile, Unemployment, Workers Compensation, General Liability, Errors and Omissions, Content and Equipment, and the list goes on. We also carry in most of these cases far more than the minimums required by law. Please feel free to ask to see any of our insurances before we start work at your place of business. We will always ask that you sign a detailed work agreement before we start so we are all on the same page as to the scope of work to be performed. This avoids any misunderstandings.

                                        Ask about our OSHA Certified Technicians !!!




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We are fully licensed with Consumers Affairs, we have all legal licensing for NYS and everywhere we work. We are currently AAA plus rated with the Better Business Bureau and we have had Home Advisors highest accreditation as a platinum elite member in good standing for years. All of our technicians are height certified. We also hold a variety of other green industry licenses and awards that are outside the scope of holiday lights and decorations. We have been in business for over twenty years.


WE WANT YOU TO HAVE PEACE OF MIND! Before any of our technicians and installers get to go out on any installation projects they are trained in our in house safety training course and must pass a rigorous test in all safety procedures and equipment before we let them go to a customers business. All of our installers are seasoned electrical workers, tree climbers and experienced general workers so they are used to being on ladders etc. They are all height certified. All of our crews carry the right safety gear including ladder guards and hooks, harnesses, ropes and ground stands and braces. We also use our electric lift with a 60 foot working height when necessary.  All of our crews each have combined various experience levels of decades.

The installers and electrical workers have to pass an in house electrical test for the light basics to make sure we provide the right electrical service while at your business. It is your responsibility to bring proper GFI breakers and electrical service to our outside needs for your project. Our company has a whole set of procedures and rules for every part of the job. We also have at all times a supervisor who oversees the entire job from start to finish to make sure all safety protocol is being followed to the letter. We always will act in your best interest and the safety of our team.