How to Boost Your Business with Professional Holiday Light Installation

Holiday Lighting Exterior

December 5, 2018 


How to Boost Your Business with Professional Holiday Light Installation


Long Island Christmas Light Installation is the go-to company when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Be it commercial or residential, properties that we’ve decorated are awe-inspiringly elegant and cheerful. Want to know how you can put your business on top this holiday season? Attract new customers, impress your current ones, encourage more holiday buying, and become a permanent part of your business district by having the professionals at Long Island Christmas Light Installation beautify your commercial property.

There are 3 major reasons why having professionally installed holiday decorations will boost your business. If you own a business on Long Island and have yet to take advantage of the benefits, now is the time! Here’s why…

How Can Commercial Light Decorations Boost Business?



1. Impress Your Current Customers

The commercial holiday light decorating done by our licensed professionals at Long Island Christmas Light Installation is show-stopping: encouraging customer-shopping. Your current customers are sure to be impressed by the elegant, classy, and above all cheerful design we will create for your store or professional space. Check out our gallery to see some of our commercial holiday light designs.



2. Encourage More Holiday Buying

Holiday light decorating lightens people’s moods, moves their hearts, and as businesses know: encourages spending. The holidays are a time when people spend a lot of money– why not engage them and coerce them into the mood to spend money with you in your beautiful place of business.

More holiday buying = more money in sales. It’s not rocket science; it’s just good business!


3. Solidify Your Location for Next Holiday

By beautifying your business with the elegance of professional holiday decorations you not only stand out, you encourage remembrance and therefore relevance. Relevance is key to any long-lasting business as times and tends change.

A good, beloved business stays within a community because it is known. Standing out makes all the difference.

When you have a full service holiday light installation company like ours come to your commercial property we create such a beautiful landscape it will warm the hearts of passersby and make them remember you. Ensure your business becomes a permanent part of your business district by contacting the professionals at Long Island Christmas Light Installation for your commercial holiday light decorating today!

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We provide full-service decoration services: including design, installation, take down, and storage for businesses and residences in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and all the way to Suffolk County. To put your business over the edge and boost its revenue, contact us today for a no-obligation, free quote! Call now, the holidays are coming fast: (646) 833-0843 and 631-246-4558

Why Choose Long Island Christmas Light Installation?

We start with a FREE, prompt, courteous, professional, initial visit from one of our award winning design consultants. The designer will ASK YOU WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND FIRST, then show you all your possible options big or small, as well as show you samples of our lights and displays that we use. We have a picture portfolio of over 800 completed jobs and come up with a design on paper that will wow all your family, friends and neighbors. We have a large catalog of lights, products and displays we will leave with you on our initial visit.


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