How to Wrap Outdoor Trees with Lights Like the Professionals Do !

Trees covered in beautiful lights are a staple of the holidays. Nothing puts us in the holiday mood more than driving around and looking at all the lights. The easiest way to get lights up is to hire a professional lighting company to do it for you. But, if you’re planning on putting lights up in your own trees, there are some things you need to keep in mind. 

Before Putting Them Up

Before you go out to put up your lights, try plugging them in first to make sure all the bulbs are working. You don’t want to finish hanging the lights, only to find them dead when you finally plug them in. Make sure you have enough lights ahead of time, so you don’t have to stop halfway through putting them up to go buy more.

LED lights are recommended for use outdoors. Colored lights are great for the holidays, white lights look good any time of the year. Make sure your lights aren’t tangled up in knots before you start hanging them. You don’t want to try to untangle them while up on a ladder. Make sure the extension cord you’re using is rated for outdoor use so you don’t have to replace it later after bad weather.

Check the weather before heading out. Plan to hang up the lights on days with good weather. Rain or wind can make it difficult to hang lights, as they pose a potential safety hazard. Any moisture can make your ladder or steps slick and increase your fall risk.

While Installing the Lights

Start at the base of your tree and slowly wrap the lights around the trunk. Space them out as much or as little as you want (we recommend 4-6 inches). When you finally reach a branch, you can secure the lights to the branch with zip ties. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder, just wrap the tree as high as you can reach while on the ground. If you want the lights to look more “Natural” avoid any obvious pattern or spiral while putting up your lights.

When you go to hang the lights on higher branches, use a ladder or a stepladder. Never climb the tree yourself while hanging lights, this is a huge safety hazard and can be very dangerous. Use proper ladder safety. Make sure the ladder is on solid, level ground. Don’t ever stand on the top two rungs of the ladder. Don’t lean out too far to either side of the ladder or you’ll risk tipping over.

One of the best things you can do for your safety while hanging lights is to always install with a partner, especially if you plan on climbing up a ladder. Having someone at the base of the ladder to hold it in place and make sure it doesn’t tip can keep you from getting hurt. If you don’t have a partner to keep an eye out for you, please be cautious. Don’t do anything that could pose a risk to your safety.

Trees covered in lights are a magical part of the holidays, loved by almost everyone. It can be really satisfying to have them in your yard, but when putting them up, keep your safety in mind and be cautious. Start small, and work your way up to something beautiful.

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