Long Island Christmas and Holiday Light Installation Service Shares the Top 4 Ways to Make Decorating for the Holidays Safe

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., October 24, 2016 Long Island Christmas and Holiday Light Installation provides quality residential and commercial Christmas Light installation services across Long Island, New York and throughout Suffolk and Nassau County. The services provided include custom installations, testing, maintenance, storage, and removal. The team of professionals at Long Island Christmas and Holiday Light Installation caters to your specific lighting needs.


With the biggest decorating season quickly approaching, both commercial facilities, as well as residential homes, are about to undergo a festive transformation. While decorations and holiday lights add a special warmth and joy to the facilities they adorn, they can also be the source of injury or property destruction. The holiday season sees a spike in accidents from falling off of ladders to fires. Long Island Christmas and Holiday Light Installation Service shares the top four things to do to make decorating for the holidays safe.


  1. Use a professional service The best way to ensure safe holiday decorating practices are observed, is to have a professional service handle the light and décor installation. Licensed and insured professionals ensure that the proper lights and other electrical equipment are utilized and set up properly. Professionals eliminate the need for business and home owners to climb ladders while attempting to install lights and décor in high and hard to reach places. Not only is installation made easy through professional services, but they also see to maintenance, removal, and storage, ensuring home and business owner’s safety throughout the entire seasonal decorating process.


  1. Employ electrical safety best practices Electrical mishaps are a leading cause of residential and commercial fires, and they amp up during the holiday season with the increase in electrical usage. Outdoor electric chords and decorations should always be protected with ground fault circuit interrupters. Also, ensure that outlets indoors and outdoors are not overloaded and that there are never more than three strands of lights or any electrical chords strung together. Also be on the look-out for fraying electrical cords, outlets that spark, or anything plugged into broken sockets.


  1. Ensure proper ladder usage Always make sure ladders have secure footing and are free of debris on steps. For extension ladders, a good rule of thumb is that for every four feet the ladder rises, the base should move out one foot from the structure it’s leaning against. When climbing ladders, be sure to keep your hips between the side rails and ensure that you keep three points of contact on the ladder (two hands one foot or two feet one hand.)


  1. Christmas tree safety Trees are highly flammable. Live trees should be kept at a distance from heat sources such as fireplaces and heaters. Live trees should also be kept hydrated. Check water daily to ensure that there is enough water so that trees do not become brittle and more prone to catching fire. If using an artificial tree, look for those labeled “fire-resistant.”


Serving both Nassau and Suffolk County includingthe East End and the Hamptons, Long Island Christmas and Holiday Light Installation offers custom holiday light design and displays for both residences and commercial businesses. The professionals at Long Island Christmans and Holiday Light Installation are dedicated to quality products and service as well as the safety and well-being of their clientele.