Long Island Christmas Light Installation Talks About How To Draw Attention to Your Suffolk and Nassau County Business with Holiday Lights and Decorations

Business Christmas Light Installation




October 4, 2018 Long Island  N.Y.

Long Island Christmas and Holiday Light Installation provides quality residential and commercial Christmas Light installation services across Long Island, New York and throughout Suffolk and Nassau County. The services provided include custom installations, testing, maintenance, storage, and removal. The team of professionals at Long Island Christmas and Holiday Light Installation cater to your specific lighting and decorating needs.


Suffolk and Nassau County is populated, both with residents as well as with businesses. It’s easy to get lost in the visual clutter. The Holidays are a great time to make your business pop to walk-by and drive-by traffic with attention grabbing displays. Long Island Christmas and Holiday Light Installation discusses drawing attention to your Suffolk and  Nassau County business with holiday lights and decorations.


  • Make it pop Stand out from the competition and your surroundings with an eye-catching display. Stick with a theme for a unified and visually appealing presentation. Decorate building entrances, walkways, street-front signage, and driveway or parking-lot entrances to draw attention and welcome customers.


  • Make sure it reflects the brand Make sure that decorations are true to what the brand is all about and reflect the message you are trying to tell the audience about your brand. A kid’s toy shop might use a fun theme such as Santa’s workshop, while a bakery may use a gingerbread house theme, and a law office may choose traditional seasonal decorations with twinkle lights and wreaths.


  • Make it welcoming Decorations should make a business feel inviting. No decorations at the holidays can feel cold and unwelcoming, while a mismatched, over-the-top display can make people uncomfortable and overwhelmed. Stick with a unified theme and keep decorations impactful without being overwhelming. Tell a story with your holiday decorating and both staff as well as customers will enjoy being there. Additionally, depending on the type of business and various demographics the business services, you may want to consider non-denominational decorations to make all customers feel comfortable and welcome.


  • Use a professional service Utilize a professional service to ensure the best execution of holiday displays possible. Professionals have the right tools, know-how, and safety provisions in place to create a dynamic display that will make an impact, without risking bodily harm or time away from important work for the staff. Use a service that provides a variety of lighting and décor options, including energy-saving equipment, offers service and repairs within 48-hours of the call, and provides storage of decorations for the next year.