The Different Types of Holiday Lighting Bulbs !!!


When you’re decorating your home, there are a ton of bulbs to choose from. But where do you begin? You’ll need to ask yourself some questions before heading to the store. Do you want incandescent or LED lights? How many lights do you need? Do you want colorful lights or all white? How much energy will your lights need and can my home handle the voltage? If you’re working with a professional holiday lighting company, they’ll ask you all these questions.

But if you’re doing it yourself, you can save time by knowing what lights you want to use or you can just call a professional to install them, if so contact

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LED VS Incandescent

LED lights use less energy than incandescent lights, last longer, are brighter, and burn at a lower temperature. They are more expensive up front, but will save you money in the long run. 

Incandescent lights may be cheaper, but they burn at a higher temperature causing a potential fire hazard. They also have a more warm glow than LED lights. If you place LED and incandescent lights together, you will notice a difference.

Mini Lights

Mini lights have smaller bulbs. These types of lights have been popular for a while. They come in both LED and incandescent. They typically come in a solid color or multi-colored and can be made from plastic or glass. These types of lights are not as energy efficient as others. But, they do provide a nice glow. They are good at blending in when turned off. The best use of mini lights are in the yard. On bushes, shrubs, trees, etc. 

C9 Bulbs

These lights come in a variety of colors. They are the big, bright, cone shaped bulbs that most professional decorators use on your roofline. The highest quality C9 Bulbs will have a ribbed texture. To light up your home, these are the highest quality bulbs that you can purchase.

Net Lights

Net lights are strings of lights already tied together. They come in smaller bulbs and a variety of colors. You can hang them on ceilings or drape them across bushes and odd shaped objects like rocks. They can be a great way to save time on decorating large structures.

Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are another very commonly used type of lighting. They help give your house a snow covered look around the edge of your roof or front porch.

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