Why Have Christmas Lights Professionally Installed

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Long Island Christmas Light Installation handles all of your holiday decorating desires. Whether you’re looking for simple elegance with a beautiful string of lights, or a more elaborate design with lights, wreathes, garlands, and more—we can handle it for you so you don’t have to. But why should you have your Christmas lights and holiday decorations professionally installed? We’ve listed 5 reasons here for why you should have your commercial or residential lights professionally installed below, the first being: less stress for you during the holiday season!

Top 5 Reasons to Have Professional Christmas Decorations


1. Less Stress!

The holidays can be stressful, this we all know. From running around getting all the kids and relatives Christmas gifts, scheduling family photographs, sending out holiday cards and new years letters, and preparing for what you’ll cook by scoping out Pinterest, the holiday magazines, and of course Mom’s cook book. While all that is fun, it’s also a lot of work.

So why add more stress and more to your to-do list by having to unpack, untangle and string up all those lights around your house? Leave it to us instead.

We can work with your design or we can custom design your home. Either way it will be sure to shine and stand out beautifully this holiday season. We’ll handle all the instillation of holiday lights and Christmas decorations. At the end of the season we’ll even take them down and store them for you so you won’t have them taking up storage space in your house.

2. Avoid Accidents & Industries

While it may be obvious that walking on your roof or balancing on a ladder while your hands are full is dangerous—danger is not our first thought when we think of hanging holiday lights up. However, accidents are very common for homeowners attempting to hang their own Christmas lights: from falls from roofs, ladders, electrocution, or even fire after they’ve been installed if done haphazardly.

Don’t send out your holiday card this year with a family portrait that has you or your spouse in an arm cast from a needless fall! Avoid the accidents and injuries this holiday by having a professional install your Christmas lights.

Residential Holiday Decorations Installation - Long Island

3. Be the Envy of The Neighborhood

Driving through the neighborhoods and villages at Christmas time is magical, especially in the evening as the world glows with cheer and beautiful decorations. But there’s always that one house that stands out in the neighborhood that just looks spectacular, whether because they’ve got so many perfectly placed decorations that it looks like a winter wonderland or because their simple light design is just so elegant.

The key to that house’s awe-inspiring look is its holiday light design and installation. Poor design or crooked installations can make decorations placed around a home appear busy and disheveled. But good design and a professional, perfect installation makes all the difference.

You can trust that the professionals at Long Island Christmas Light Installation will create a gorgeous look for your home, just click here to check out our gallery for yourself! Residential holiday light decorating and installations to woo customers in your commercial space are our specialty; let us create magic for you this holiday season!

4. Save Time

The holidays come and go so fast and there is so much to do within that time. Don’t waste your time struggling with boxes in the garage or digging through your attic just to get a box of tangled lights, which inevitably are missing a few bulbs. Keep that time for your family instead and let us do the heavy lifting of Christmas boxes and hauling lights up ladders.

5. Save Space

There are always so many boxes of Christmas decorations, but they’re only used once a year so of course they’ve been packed away into the very back of the garage! Don’t waste your time looking for decorations again.

Take back that space for parking your car or putting other more useful storage where your decorations would go. At Long Island Christmas Light Installation we can store your decorations for you so you don’t need to have it take up any of your own storage space.

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