3 Reasons you Should Be Using LED Christmas Lights

As the Christmas season approaches many Long Island homes and businesses are rummaging through their attic or closets and dusting off their holiday decorations. This process can be exciting and just what you need to get into the holiday spirit. Our Christmas Installation company understands the benefits of having your christmas lights professionally installed and takes pride in providing top of the line holiday decorations.

Hopefully your old christmas light bin includes LED lights which are becoming all the rave in the world of holiday decorations. Here we will discuss the benefits of using LED lights for commercial and residential holiday decorations and how Long Island Christmas Light Installations can help.

What are LED Lights?

LED lights are light bulbs that emit diodes, the light is produced through a process called electroluminescence. During this process the LED lights move electrons through a gap that gives off photons as soon as electrons enter the space. The photons are the light we see in combination with the material used to display the color.

In other words using LED lights will save you money and uses less energy. The quality of LED lights are always impeccable and the lifespan is also much longer.


What are the Benefits of Using LED Lights for Christmas Decorations?

LED Christmas Lights Save Money:
Although the price of LED christmas bulbs are a bit higher, you’ll end up saving money because they last longer and use a much lower amount of energy. The savings will start to add up when you realize your christmas light bulbs are still working 4 or 5 holiday seasons later.

LED Christmas Lighting is Safer:
Studies have shown using LED lights are much more durable and run cooler than traditional christmas lights. Using bulbs that don’t get to hot, will promote safety and like mentioned before will only use a fraction of the energy. You can sleep a full nights rest without having to worry about lights bulbs burning out or getting to hot.

Environmentally Friendly:
Using LED lights promote eco-concious living because there’s no mercury in the bulbs and disposal of the bulbs does not pose any harm to the environment. If you break a bulb you also don’t have to worry about harming yourself, family or household pets.


How Can Long Island Christmas Lights Installations Help?

By allowing us the honor of decorating your home or office with custom holiday designs we will ensure you’re the best looking home or office on the block. We provide custom design and free holiday light installations allowing a simple hassle free process. We understand the holiday stress and are here to provide one less responsibility to worry about.

Whether you’re in need of a full light display or just a few lights to celebrate the holidays we’ve got you covered. Our Long Island Christmas Light Installation experts can help with installation and also will be there to take them down.