2015’s Top Christmas Light Trends

As all the houses on the block continue light up as the holiday seasons hits its peak. As Christmas gets closer more and more families scramble to get their shopping lists, holiday plans and christmas house lighting all squared away. We’ve been working around the clock to make sure all of our clients receive there professional holiday light installs.

As we continue to light up the neighborhood we’ve noticed some big trends this year. Here you’ll find some of the biggest Christmas Light Trends happening now in Long Island, New York.

Most Popular Holiday Light Trends

Oversized Christmas Bulbs: Although the oversized Christmas light bulbs have been around for years, they seem to be making a big comeback. We’ve installed quite a few this year, one of our clients even had extra large colorful Christmas bulbs they had us use as lawn decorations. The mix of large and small holiday lights is a great way to complement your decorations this year.

Laser Motion Projection Lights :Who else noticed a large amount of red and green dotted houses popping up in the neighborhood? Last year we recall a lot of laser motion projection lights displaying santa clause, snowman and other holiday symbols. This year they seemed to be focused on just red and green dots which I must say myself looks awesome. We’ve installed some combinations of Christmas lights mixed with laser motion projection lights.


What’s New In Christmas Lights This Year?

Smartphone Holiday Lighting Controls: So far the best Christmas light function we’ve found is the holiday light system you can control with your smartphone. Everything these days has the ability to be controlled via smart phone, so why not add your holiday lights on your home? One of our clients now has the ability to stand out front of their house and cue their Christmas lights and holiday music all from the palm of their hand.


What Christmas light trends have you noticed this holiday season? Let us know, share you’re thoughts we love hearing about all the new decoration ideas.

If you’re interested in having your Christmas lights professionally installed for your home or business, it’s not to late. Contact the experts at Long Island Christmas Light Installation today.