When Should You Install Christmas Lights?

Deciding when to have your Christmas lights professionally installed, or when to decorate for Christmas will vary depending on preference, time and of course family tradition. Every household operates different in regards to holiday decorations, through our years of experience with installing commercial and residential holiday lights and displays we’ve found some commonalities.


Decorating for Christmas The First Week In November

This is the time many christmas crazy families will begin the holiday decorating process. Many families who start preparing in November will start with inside decorations and later hire a professional holiday light installer or have friends/family members do it themselves. We’ve found people just love everything the season has to offer and go as far as spraying their homes with the smell of pine and pumpkin spice as early as November. From the other perspective some families feel November is to early and believe every holiday should have their own moment.


Installing Christmas Lights And Decorations The Weekend After Thanksgiving

This is one of the most popular times to have your holiday lights professionally installed. Hanging up your Christmas or holiday lights at this time is popular, because families feel Thanksgiving is over, and it’s time to unleash the next bin of spectacular decorations.


Christmas Light Installations 2 Weeks Before Christmas

The last popular time to have christmas lights put up, are 2 weeks before Christmas. This is typically because of two factors, time is just not on your side and you haven’t had a chance to prepare or two you love seasonal light displays but you don’t want to over do it. If time is not on your side hiring a professional light display or installation company is your best solution. This will save you time and subtract unnecessary holiday stress that we all incur at one point or another.


At Long Island Christmas Light Installations we offer commercial and residential holiday light installs during all of the above times. If you’re looking to revamp your homes holiday lights, or just don’t have the time give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.